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Oh Bob, this is absolutely priceless. You were soooo right about hanging onto this.

"Mary, please! Hold still... it has got to pass out eventually. Curse you, Richard Gere!"


"Come on Mary," (then singing in her ear) "Birds do it. Bees do it..."


"TOLD you I could still pull off the Heimlich like a young buck! And there's still 25 minutes left of our lunch hour, Mary . . . if you know what I mean . . ."


"It's that lemon-fresh... Dawn...really gets me...goin'...if you know what I mean...hnnnh hnnnhh"

Mrs. SubD

The rumour at the hospital is that they're fake. Let's prove them wrong.

BTW - what was the original caption??


"C'mon, Mary, Senator Santorum be damned! Let Dr. Jeff introduce you to the true joys of hot, anal love."

Dora Standpipe

Mary baby, its time for our "nooner"! Now, drop the dishes...but keep the gloves on.


"Now that we're good friends, I think we should also be 'back-door neighbors' if you know what I mean"

Mr Furious

Shouldn'ta bent over to flip on the disposal, Mary.


Is that a porcelain swan in your trousers or are you just happy to see me?


I think it's funnier with nothing said at all. Or maybe maniacal laughter.

Dub Not Dubya

I told you that I would do the dishes if you would let me cop a feel.


How do you like the ben-wah balls I got you for your birthday Mary?

Monkeys Uncle

"Mary, hurry fer chrissakes! The Simpsons are comming on..."


When I said I wanted something in a can for lunch, I didn't mean soup!


"C'mon, Mar, let's play DOCTOR! Howzabouta quick gyne exam????"

Dee Cee

Mary, honey, you're a bit saggy tonight.

Ian Cameron

How'd you like some pork casserole, baby?

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